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According to the text of my Introduction to Humanities class, these are the cardinal points of the teachings of Jesus:

One God (a Personal Spirit, not an abstract idea nor a principle) is not only the Creator but also the loving Father of all humankind; that all people are consequently the children of God, and that as a result all men and women are brothers and sisters; that as children of God, human beings are capable of better lives than they lead; that their human inadequacies, imperfections, and shortcomings can be forgiven if they are repentant; that life is eternal, and death is not extinction; that “all the Law and the Prophets” hangs upon the joint commandment to “Love thy God, and thy neighbor as thyself;” and that the intention—the act of the personality—is of greater importance than the deed—the act of the person.

I made a 90 on my test for this chapter though. Ugh.
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